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US-8900234-B2: Method of treatment delivery patent, US-8900295-B2: Prosthetic valve with ventricular tethers patent, US-8904435-B2: Electronic program guide for indicating availability of past programs patent, US-8905483-B2: Adjustable footrest patent, US-8906356-B2: Mutant interleukin-2 (IL-2) polypeptides patent, US-8906677-B2: Generation and maintenance of stem cells patent, US-8910650-B2: Method for operating a valve patent, US-8917633-B2: System and process for mass telephony conference call patent, US-8917638-B2: Base station and method for configuring sub-frames for relay-node operations patent, US-8918934-B2: Linked coil mattress assembly patent, US-8919456-B2: Fastener setting algorithm for drill driver patent, US-8920682-B2: Nanoparticle dispersions with ionic liquid-based stabilizers patent, US-8920887-B2: Method of bonding conductive material to stainless steel, and HDD magnetic head suspension patent, US-8922059-B2: Power operation system, power operation method and photovoltaic power generator patent, US-8924419-B2: Method and system for performing an authority analysis patent, US-8925228-B2: Art frames patent, US-8925439-B2: Valve control valve circuit for operating a single acting hydraulic cylinder patent, US-8928223-B2: Magnetron and microwave oven therewith patent, US-8928527-B2: Systems and methods for reducing error detection latency in LPV approaches patent, US-8930907-B2: Concurrency software testing with probabilistic bounds on finding bugs patent, US-8932748-B2: Multi-layer, microporous polyolefin membrane, its production method, and battery separator patent, US-8933776-B2: Relative positioning applications in wireless devices patent, US-8933807-B2: System and method for providing secure transactional solutions patent, US-8935483-B2: Concurrent, coherent cache access for multiple threads in a multi-core, multi-thread network processor patent, US-8935790-B2: Systems and methods for updating content detection devices and systems patent, US-8936773-B2: Methods and compositions using calcium carbonate and stabilizer patent, US-8936796-B2: Hair care compositions comprising sucrose polyesters patent, US-8937043-B2: Method for obtaining a TGF-beta enriched protein fraction in activated form, protein fraction and therapeutic applications patent, US-8937211-B2: Absorbent articles comprising low basis weight films exhibiting low glue burn through patent, US-8938211-B2: Providing and utilizing maps in location determination based on RSSI and RTT data patent, US-8939422-B2: Support device patent, US-8939989-B2: Obstetric forceps patent, US-8942166-B2: Method for providing a contention based uplink channel patent, US-8943080-B2: Systems and methods for identifying parallel documents and sentence fragments in multilingual document collections patent, US-8943196-B2: Programmatically determining an execution mode for a request dispatch utilizing historic metrics patent, US-8943206-B2: Network bandwidth detection and distribution patent, US-8943832-B2: Fuel nozzle assembly for use in turbine engines and methods of assembling same patent, US-8944702-B2: Fiber optic connector with fiber take-up region patent, US-8945478-B2: Microfabricated devices with coated or modified surface and method of making same patent, US-8945829-B2: Distinguishing benign and malignant indeterminate thyroid lesions patent, US-8946937-B2: Switching circuits for extracting power from an electric power source and associated methods patent, US-8951451-B2: Carbon material and method for producing same patent, US-8951786-B1: Compositions, tools and methods for the manufacture of construction materials using enzymes patent, US-8953755-B2: Voice over IP method for developing interactive voice response system patent, US-8953860-B2: Information processing apparatus and information processing method patent, US-8954135-B2: Portable biometric monitoring devices and methods of operating same patent, US-8954323-B2: Method for processing multichannel acoustic signal, system thereof, and program patent, US-8954354-B2: Automated intravenous fluid container delivery device and system patent, US-8954799-B2: Circuit for displaying failure information of power supply unit patent, US-8955215-B2: High performance surface mount electrical interconnect patent, US-8955975-B2: Three dimensional image projector with circular light polarization patent, US-8957812-B1: Position tracking system and method using radio signals and inertial sensing patent, US-8958407-B2: Method for allocating frequency subchannels on an air interface of a wireless communication system and corresponding radio resource allocation module patent, US-8961250-B2: Self-inflating device patent, US-8963586-B2: Power stage patent, US-8966045-B1: Identity migration apparatus and method patent, US-8967450-B2: Method for reduced cycle times in multi-pass welding while providing an inert atmosphere to the welding zone patent, US-8967464-B2: System and method for electronic prepaid account replenishment patent, US-8970253-B2: Programmable logic device and semiconductor device patent, US-8971192-B2: Data breakout at the edge of a mobile data network patent, US-8972196-B2: Algorithms for calibrating an analyte sensor patent, US-8973267-B2: Embossing roller and method for the manufacturing thereof patent, US-8973711-B2: Intermediate scaffold joint patent, US-8979415-B2: Adhesively bonded joint in agricultural boom structure patent, US-8980716-B2: Self aligned trench MOSFET with integrated diode patent, US-8982316-B2: Lithographic apparatus, a metrology apparatus and a method of using the apparatus patent, US-8983246-B2: Rotary optical link joint patent, US-8984262-B2: Generate predicates instruction for processing vectors patent, US-8986663-B2: Skin care compositions patent, US-8987755-B1: Ultraviolet light emitting diode structures and methods of manufacturing the same patent, US-8990325-B2: Real-time and interactive community-based content publishing system patent, US-8991160-B2: Reductant aqueous solution mixing device and exhaust aftertreatment device provided with the same patent, US-8992944-B2: Purified Plasmodium and vaccine composition patent, US-8993285-B2: Organisms for the production of isopropanol, n-butanol, and isobutanol patent, US-8997509-B1: Frequent short-cycle zero peak heat pump defroster patent, US-8998140-B2: Window of aircraft, closing member for opening and gasket seal patent, US-8999200-B2: Conductive thermoplastic composites and methods of making patent, US-9000905-B2: Auxiliary fuel tank patent, US-9001725-B2: Multicast broadcast single frequency network data scheduling and handling patent, US-9002467-B2: Modular antitachyarrhythmia therapy system patent, US-9002609-B2: Vehicle brake control system patent, US-9002848-B1: Automatic incremental labeling of document clusters patent, US-9003369-B2: HDMI-muxed debug port methods and apparatuses patent, US-9003469-B2: Virtual channel table for a broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadcast signals using the same patent, US-9006569-B2: Electrically isolated heat dissipating junction box patent, US-9006661-B1: Compact THz focal plane imaging array with integrated context imaging sensors and antennae matrix patent, US-9006750-B2: Optical semiconductor package, optical semiconductor module, and manufacturing method of these patent, US-9007710-B1: Rewrite operation for recording bands patent, US-9008175-B2: Intra smoothing filter for video coding patent, US-9010773-B2: Baby carriage and frame thereof patent, US-9011548-B2: Prosthetic device with damper patent, US-9011988-B2: Liquid-crystal compound, liquid-crystal composition, light absorption anisotropic film, and liquid-crystal display device patent, US-9013087-B2: Brush holder having RFID temperature sensor system patent, US-9013919-B2: Data randomization in 3-D memory patent, US-9014532-B2: RTP-formatted media clips patent, US-9019980-B2: Control channel transmitting method, base station and terminal patent, US-9020757-B2: Path planning autopilot patent, US-9020919-B2: Method and apparatus for performing extended search patent, US-9020963-B2: Providing relevant assets in collaboration mediums patent, US-9021375-B2: Notification of state transition of an out-of-focus application patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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